ARCHIVE - GSX Server Guard Presentation

Access an archive recording of our webinar session of GSX Server Guard done on  October 28th at 11AM (Eastern Time).

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation of GSX Server Guard: learn how we can help you enhance the performance, reliability and security of your Lotus Domino servers as Server Guard lets you automatically check, repair and protect your entire system.

Target Audience :

IT Managers and Domino Administrators looking to get the most out of their Domino servers from detecting in real time if their servers are down, identifying crashes,sending alerts, restarting password protected servers, rebooting servers, etc.

- Learn about the Background Service: it operates as a system service and acts as an executive, initiating all actions, processing all events, and detecting all Domino server anomalies.
- Learn about the Configuration Program, an easy-to-use, intuitive application that the administrator uses to set all GSX Server Guard parameters for a single server or their entire enterprise.
- Learn how GSX Server Guard can help you:
  • Detect in real time if server is up or down
  • Automatically scan until 15 different tasks
  • Identify crashes on your Domino servers
  • Send alerts by email
  • Perform and customize automatic actions in case of problem detected
  • Restart password-protected servers
  • Schedule and automate options for daily, weekly, and special case server maintenance procedures
  • Automate reboot of the entire computer in the case of a Domino server problem
  • Centralize configuration: it gives administrators remote control of all servers in their enterprise.
  • Send maintenance report to the administrator

Registration :
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