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Secure Management of Standard Service Requests for Lotus Domino and BES

GSX 360 is a solution that securely streamlines many of the standard tasks associated with your collaborative solutions in Lotus Domino and BlackBerry Enterprise Server environments. Administrators can use GSX 360 to create a workflow for adding, deleting, and modifying service requests, so that these tasks can be delegated to the service desk, and performed quickly and securely.

  • Streamline repetitive tasks such as creating, deleting, and modifying user accounts
  • Ensure tasks are performed consistently and the same steps are followed every time by setting up profiles for your organization
  • Empower the service desk and achieve a faster resolution time for support requests
  • Provide metrics on the quantity and quality of request delivery using the tracking and logging features for account management
  • Use a single interface to manage multiple environments
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GSX 360 is a solution that enables administrators and IT Managers to proactively and efficiently manage and maintain its entire collaboration environment from a single User Interface wethere it is on BlackBerry Enterprise Server on IBM Lotus Notes or Exchange.


  • Protect access to the Notes Certifiers – Once GSX 360 has been configured, no one needs to directly access the Notes Certifiers to manage IDs
  • Manage the Central and the Archive ID databases from a single server
  • Encrypt all mail and databases containing passwords
  • Block access from unauthorized personnel with the authentication feature
  • Use randomly generated passwords with a customized length
  • Optionally send the password for newly created ID files to a different recipient
  • Archive ID files and passwords in separate encrypted databases
  • Create workflows for standard requests ensuring that the same steps are consistently followed every time


  • Add a new user
  • Remove a user
  • Assign a user to a group
  • Remove a user from a group
  • Create, edit, and delete groups
  • Set activation password
  • Generate and set activation password
  • Enable and disable redirection
  • Enable and disable connection and collaboration service
  • Resend IT Policy
  • Assign IT Policy
  • Resend service book
  • Set password and lock handheld
  • Set owner information
  • Erase data and disable handheld / cancel pending disable handheld


  • Create and delete users
  • Rename users
  • Recertify user IDs
  • Move users within the hierarchy
  • Move users from one server to another
  • Update user information
  • Create, delete, or rename groups, and assign new users to groups automatically
  • Add and remove members in groups
  • Create, delete, and rename mail-in database entries
  • Manage the validity dates for IDs, before or after expiration
  • Manage accounts for internet users – create non-Notes client records, and assign internet passwords.
  • Create roaming users
  • Automatically populate groups in the Domino Directory when a new user is created
  • Provision a list of new users instantly using GSX 360's Import List feature
  • Multiple certifiers, keywords, and validity checks are supported
  • Support multiple requesters in different locations with a single GSX 360 installation
  • The approval of an authorized user is required before the IDs are created
  • Create user mailboxes automatically along with the Notes ID (clustered servers and default ACL entries are supported)
  • GSX 360 supports ID Vault

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