GSX 360

Make life easier for your admin and Service Desk teams by streamlining and structuring standard service requests while improving security and turn around times too!

GSX 360 (New Name for GSX ID Manager) provides centralized automation of standard administration and service desk tasks for IBM Lotus Software Software and Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Business Challenge

Administrators are responsible for a variety of repetitive, operational tasks that are critical to the successful operation of the company’s collaborative environment. Often these tasks are perceived as routine and basic, but even a slight error can have serious consequences for customer satisfaction and productivity.

Many tasks such as creating new users, deleting users, creating a mail-in database, and wiping BES Devices, require the same steps every time, and because these tasks are structured and repetitive.

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GSX 360 is a solution designed to streamline all standard service requests associated with the administration of Lotus Domino and Blackberry Enterprise Server environments.

GSX 360 allows administrators to configure a customized template for each task with pre-configured content such as the home server, cluster server, access controls, and so on. These customized templates ensure that service requests are performed quickly, securely, and consistently every time. Tasks can also be delegated to the service desk without providing administrative access.

  • Easy to use: Creating a service request in GSX 360 is as simple as filling in a form and saving it thanks to a step by step wizard. The wizard guides the user through each step of the process and ensures that all the required information is entered.
  • Secure and Efficient: GSX 360 enables administrators to delegate standard service requests while still maintaining administrative control. Administrators can create a customized workflow for each service request to ensure that the same steps are carried out consistently and accurately every time. New requests can be approved or denied by an authorized user.
  • In addition, GSX 360 has a number of built-in security features. For example, an authentication feature prevents unauthorized access to the servers; passwords for new accounts are randomly generated to a customized length; and IDs and passwords are archived in separate, encrypted databases.
  • Automatic Tracking and metrics: GSX 360 automatically tracks and archives all the activity for each service request. Users can easily access the history of a particular service request, while managers can avail of the statistics on request resolution and service delivery.


  • Cost reduction using template-driven secure delegation of repetitive administrative tasks such as user account management, device management and customer requests
  • Easily perform trouble-shooting tasks like pushing out Service Books and locking and wiping devices
  • Free up administrators by delegating tasks to the service desk
  • Reduce request turnaround time
  • Reduce potential errors by using predefined profiles.
  • Improve security by eliminating service desk administrative access
  • Improve reporting and tracking compliance
  • Improve quality, security and visibility while reducing overhead

Key Features

  • Create and delete user IDs
  • Rename users
  • Recertify user IDs
  • Move users within hierarchies
  • Update user information
  • Create and delete groups and assign new users to groups automatically
  • Add and remove members in groups
  • Create and delete mail-In database entries
  • Manage ID validity dates before or after expiration
  • Support Internet users, setting up non-Notes-client user records and assigning Internet passwords
  • Archive IDs, passwords, etc. centrally.
  • Enable / Disable redirection
  • Enable / Disable Collaboration Service
  • Device activation
  • Assign/send IT Policy
  • Send Service Books
  • Reset password and loch handheld
  • Wipe and disable handheld
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