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On-demand Webinar: The Art of Office 365 User Management in a hybrid environment

For Administrators, user management in hybrid environments is a complex undertaking. The Microsoft Office 365 administration portal is not built to handle large volumes of users and licenses. Also, creating endless amounts of PowerShell scripts is not scalable and puts an ongoing burden onto your senior IT staff.

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On-demand Webinar: Monitoring in a Hybrid World

Letting go of on-premises control is a very big part of moving your services to the cloud. It has caused a paradigm shift in what it takes to deliver a positive user experience.

IT Teams are still held accountable for services delivered, even if the actual servers are physically in the Microsoft datacenter. They now need deep insights into how end-user applications perform on key tasks.

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On-demand Webinar: Rock your Yammer and SharePoint Analytics

GSX 365 Insights provides deep insights to measure engagement within your community, promote adoption, and increase overall ROI of the platforms. We collect the information that you need to empower your business line and your company visibility on the Microsoft networks.

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On-demand Webinar Office 365 Auditing Made Easy

The GSX 365 Security Audit is a simple-to-use SaaS application that allows for fast security incident responses with rich visualizations on a single clean dashboard with event timelines. It gives you visibility of every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, and every mailbox accessed- including when, when, where from, and by who.

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On-demand Video: Say Hi to the New GSX Gizmo

Check out this 4-minute video and see what you'll get with the new GSX Gizmo. GSX Gizmo is a web-based dashboard that provides real time graphs to troubleshoot all applications and services within the IT platform.

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On-demand Webinar Office 365 Performance Monitoring

When you move to Office 365 the business critical part of your IT is outsourced and lives on its own, independently from the rest of your IT. Managing the entire infrastructure becomes challenging with additional indicators to be tracked. You need to deliver optimum quality of service to the business lines while guaranteeing end-user satisfaction.

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On-demand Video: Catch Office 365 Performance Problems BEFORE Others Do
During this session, GSX Experts Olivier Raynaud and Tim Book, discussed the new challenges involved when managing a cloud or hybrid cloud environment, and pinpoint what information is critical to track. They then demonstrated the tools identified, and provided concrete examples of how they’re used.
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On-demand Video: Troubleshooting Office 365 & Azure Authentication Issues
During this session, GSX Experts Olivier Raynaud and Tim Book, presented on Identity and Access Management (IAM), addressing the critical need to ensure appropriate access to resources across technology environments. Organizations often face problems moving to Office 365 because of IAM issues, which are usually related to Azure Active Directory.
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On-demand Webinar Partner: Skyrocket your Office 365 Reseller Margins

The rise of Office 365 has considerably transformed the Microsoft Partner Network over the last five years. Many of the ISVs, SIs, and VARs attached to the Office suites have been forced to develop alternative strategies to meet new Microsoft partner requirements and remain profitable.

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On-demand Webinar: X-ray your IBM Connections & Overall IBM Environment

Take a quick tour of the new GSX Monitoring Capabilities to quickly find and resolve problems

IBM Collaboration and Social solutions are mission critical within today's organizations. In order for companies to take full advantage of an array of collaboration and productivity tools, they should proactively monitor their IT environments to minimize outages and critical issues.

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