Monitor, Report and Alert on BlackBerry Enterprise Server performance and availability. Stay two steps ahead of your BlackBerry end users problems. 

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the service delivered to your BlackBerry end users.

  • Real-time monitoring of the entire BlackBerry server & Active Sync infrastructure
  • Manage usage per devices thanks to conditional spot check report
  • Smart security compliance tracking across all devices to better control security policy
  • Comprehensive monitoring & troubleshooting on Microsoft Exchange (2010, 2013 and Office 365), SharePoint, Lync and IBM applications without having to install any code on servers
  • Powerful & customizable alert system fully integrated with SCOM & any other system monitoring tools
  • Extensive reporting, trend analysis, automatic forecasting about availability, performance and usage of the environments


BlackBerry server, BES outage BlackBerry troubleshoot


Core features

Agentless solution

Multiplatform solution
from a single installation

BES, Exchange, Lync, Office 365,
SharePoint, IBM applications

True end-user

GSX Robot User simulating end-user scenarios

Real-time monitoring,
alerting & troubleshooting

Powerful consolidated

Trends and forecast
automated reports

performance & usage

Powerful proactive
alert system

Integrated with global
monitoring solutions: SCOM,
Tivoli, BMC patrol, etc.


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