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GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Traveler

More than ever, businesses are embracing the Mobile Enterprise model.
Mobility is  critical for maintaining  end-user productivity, even more so now with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.

Traveler, which provides you with quick access to your email, calendar and address book from mobile devices, is becoming a mission critical application. This means that the performance of Traveler needs to be monitored to guarantee uptimes and high availability on the service delivered to end-users.

GSX allows you to monitor and collect key IBM Traveler metrics in real time to avoid any trouble or downtime.

Monitoring Solutions for Traveler

GSX Monitor and Analyzer enables IT departments to monitor the important components of your IBM Traveler® Mobile deployment.

  • GSX Monitor: Real-time monitoring on your Traveler Mobile environment, GSX monitors the Service Availability, alerts and device synchronizations.
  • GSX Analyzer: This extensive analysis and reporting features enable Administrators to automate management and SLA reporting to gain valuable insight on the overall health of the infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Powerful Monitoring Capabilities:
    • Traveler Service Availability
    • Traveler Access Time
    • Traveler Server Tasks
    • Traveler Servlets
    • Traveler High Availability
  • Key Traveler Statistics: Check the statistics of devices using Traveler and receive detailed information on messages sent and received. Manage your devices by retrieving valuable user metrics:
    • Server Up/Down, Server Access Time
    • Message Flows with daily, weekly and monthly statistics on the messages processed by a Traveler server for all devices in the server
    • Device synchronizations reveal the number of successful and unsuccessful syncs on all devices in the Traveler server
    • Availability statuses on Domino Traveler Tasks, HTTP Tasks and Traveler Servlets
    • User Information: lists the Traveler Users and their connection statuses
    • Device Information: provides detailed information on all Traveler devices or a single user’s device selected in the user information table
  • Traveler Graphs: display all your Traveler statistics onto valuable graphs that are viewable within the interface, printed or copied and pasted. You can also view graphs on Traveler Access Times (ms) and HTTP CPU Usage.
  • Traveler Mail Routing: Run User scenarios to test the entire path from a mail server to a device, and all the components in between. Scenarios include: mail routing delivery times and wireless email delivery.
  • Powerful Traveler Alerting Systems: receive alerts when the Traveler service or related services fail:
    • Alerts on HTTP CPU usage (custom thresholds, down alerts and back to normal alerts)
    • HTTP Thread Allocation: view the percentage of current connections compared to the total number of HTTP threads
    • Alerts on outdated device synchronizations
  • Traveler High Availability: monitor Traveler HA to better control the service availability for users working on multiple devices. Read More
  • Reporting Capabilities: GSX Analyzer is a unique web application that allows you to have simple reporting on your Traveler servers and services. It provides you with insight on the availability and performance of Traveler services for effective decision-making:
    • On-Demand Statistics: availability, performance, Server status (up/down), amount of mail sent by devices on each server, etc.
    • Environmental Health: this view allows you to identify high/low performing servers in your environment
    • Use Trend Reports to track the performance of selected statistics over a specific period of time


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