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GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Sametime

Collaboration systems such as IBM Sametime® are increasingly becoming mission-critical, with projects being coordinated from collaborative workspaces, real-time interaction being facilitated through presence-based instant messaging systems, and online meeting services providing an effective and efficient fabric for bringing people together without travel.

GSX Solutions’ flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, gives administrators and IT managers insight into what’s happening inside their Sametime environment. Using the data created in GSX Monitor and Analyzer allows organizations to improve the performance of Sametime and deliver strong business value.

Solutions for Sametime Monitoring

GSX Monitor and Analyzer enables IT departments to monitor the components of it Sametime deployment leveraging Websphere, including the System Console, the Proxy Server, the Media Manager, the Meeting Server, as well as the Domino based Community Server.

  • GSX Monitor. Provides real-time monitoring of the Sametime collaborative environment, not only monitors servers; it also monitors all of the Sametime Windows services and generates alerts when performance falls below the predefined thresholds. With GSX Monitor, administrators can accurately supervise the availability of key services at the Sametime level and ensure the continuity of these critical services.
  • GSX Analyzer. Provides insight into the current and trending availability and performance of Sametime services, for effective decision-making.
    GSX Analyzer provides extensive analysis and reporting features that enable administrators to automate their management and SLA reporting, and gain a valuable insight into the overall health of the infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Sametime Monitoring

Using GSX Monitor & Analyzer, IBM Applications administrators gain a clear and concise awareness of the current status of their collaborative environments and particular elements that need their attention.

The real-time communication provided in Sametime is generally considered part of the mission critical messaging environment in many companies.  GSX takes this into account by:

  • Integrating key IBM Sametime monitoring capabilities with built-in alerts and reports.
  • Getting current information on meetings and chat services as of the time of the last scan
  • Providing support for websphere servers as it can be configured quickly and easily to monitor the WebSphere nodes used by IBM Sametime.
  • Supporting DB2 Database availability as it is used to support meeting services within IBM Sametime.
  • Delivering to service level agreements (SLAs) by being smart about cause-and-effect between input factors (KPIs) and the outcome required.

  • Optimizing IT human resources, so that administrators can focus on the effective use of Sametime instead of having their time consumed by other activities.

Key Features

  • Manage and monitor the availability of Sametime 9, including the System Console, the Proxy Server, the Media Manager, and the Meeting ServerSametime Monitoring
  • Manage and monitor the availability of the Domino based Community Server
  • Monitor Community Server Chat Messages
  • Monitor the WebSphere nodes used by IBM Sametime
  • Monitor any IBM Sametime Windows service on the server


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