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GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Quickr

IBM Quickr® is part of the collaboration environment allows users to access and interact with the people, information, and project materials they need to get the work done.
Quickr® offers team spaces, content libraries, team discussion forums, wikis, and connectors to make it easy to share documents and information amongst a team.

Collaboration systems such as Quickr® are increasingly becoming mission-critical, with projects being coordinated from collaborative workspaces, real-time interaction being facilitated through presence-based instant messaging systems, and online meeting services providing an effective and efficient fabric for bringing people together without travel.

GSX Solutions’ flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer gives administrators and IT managers insight into what’s happening inside their Quickr environment.

Solutions for Quickr Monitoring

GSX Monitor and Analyzer enables IT departments to monitor the components of their Quickr® Collaboration deployment.

  • GSX Monitor: Provides real-time monitoring of the entire Quickr collaboration environment, not only monitors servers; it also monitors the place catalog availability, the place threshold number, the total place size threshold, places size threshold and wether places have been added or deleted.
  • GSX Analyzer: Provides extensive analysis and reporting features that enable administrators to automate their management and SLA reporting, and gain a valuable insight into the overall health of the infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Monitor Quickr server and service availability
  • Track and Monitor the availability of key places
  • Monitor authentication, places and catalog availability
  • Monitor the performance of Individual places and send alert if a particular place does not respond in a specific amount of time
  • Use Quickr statistics for reporting


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