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Monitor, report and alert on BlackBerry service delivery and performance while staying two steps ahead of your end users issues.

GSX Monitor is a completely agentless, intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to ensure the performance and availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lync, SharePoint and IBM messaging & collaboration applications.

GSX Monitor provides real-time monitoring from a single user interface, allowing issues to be identified before they impact the end users. The solution discovers & troubleshoots the entire messaging & collaboration infrastructure connected to the BlackBerry environment. 

Working in tandem with GSX Analyzer, our solution provides extensive reporting features, automated trend reports as well as forecast on availability, performance and usage of the infrastructure.

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Monitoring Features for BlackBerry

  • Overall BES Infrastructure Health Identify any BlackBerry Enterprise Server issue at the system & service level. Alert on all BlackBerry services and critical system statistics. Health check and monitoring of the size of the SQL Backend in order to make sure that no issue can impact the end users. BES High Availability management.
  • End user connectivity & Active Sync monitoring & reporting Identify communication issues between user devices and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests connectivity at every point to ensure that Blackberry services are actually provided to end user: Active Sync end point connectivity availability, end to end active sync scenarios from end user to servers with users synchronization, send mail, open folder, a.o. Real-time dashboard of BlackBerry User connectivity availability & statistics.
  • Availability and performance pre-configured alerts Define availability and performance alerts for proactive incident management. GSX Monitor & Analyzer enables you to fully customize the way you want to be alerted in order to avoid false positives. Focus on real business impact issues and ultimately decrease your support & help desk costs. GSX also integrates with system monitoring tools like SCOM, BMC or HP to provide a single incident management dashboard.

Features for Collaborative Tools (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync)

  • Microsoft SharePoint Discovery of the environment (Front End, Application, Databases). Real time monitoring & troubleshooting dashboard. Real-time end-user scenarios detect latency issues before the end users (create blog, site, upload / download, forms, SharePoint site access, etc.). Alerts and statistics on SQL databases availability and size.
  • Microsoft Lync Real Time monitoring of the Lync infrastructure. Test of critical services (User log in, Presence, Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing, Audio & Video calls). Performance statistics collection for easy troubleshooting on Lync server issues.

Features for Messaging Systems (Domino, Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013 & Online)

  • As the BlackBerry Enterprise server relies on the health and availability of the messaging environment, GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides the best, truly agentless solution that fully troubleshoots the messaging infrastructure.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 & 2013 & Office 365 Discovery of the global environment (CAS, Mailbox, HUB, clusters, databases, mailboxes). Real-time monitoring & troubleshooting dashboard. Test of every service, performances & usage statistics at the DAG, CAS Array, servers, databases and mailbox level. Real End Users scenarios & mail routing that tests the availability & performance of the service delivered to end-users.
  • IBM Domino, Traveler, Sametime, Quickr End user connectivity, server health, tasks, real-time replication, mail routing, mailbox & application availability scenarios. Deep statistics collection on agent, databases, ACL, change monitoring, log file analysis. Active Sync end-user scenarios on Traveler. Sametime & Quickr availability, performance and usage monitoring.

Reporting Features for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Messaging & Collaborative environment)

  • GSX Analyzer is a consolidated reporting dashboard that easily manages the availability, performance and usage statistics:
  •    › Automatic & customizable trend & forecast reports on every environment & statistics.
  •    › Consolidated statistics dashboard to track bottlenecks in your infrastructure.
  •    › Automatic and periodical Alerts reports dedicated to incident management.
  • GSX Analyzer consolidates data from multiple GSX stations, allowing to easily compare the level of service that your infrastructure provides to your end users, all over the world.