Office 365 Reporting & Analytics

GSX 365 Usage Reports is a simple to use web application that allows you to create reports about your Office 365 environment.

Save money by identifying unused licenses and analyze how your cloud services are being used. 90 built-in reports designed to help you save money and maximize the value your organization get from Office 365.

Support for Office 365 including Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Azure Active Directory, Licences, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Mobile Devices & Security.

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Office 365 Usage Reports

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Office 365 Reporting Office 365 ReportingOffice 365 Reporting


  • Easy to use web application available in SaaS mode to collect information and build reports about your Office 365 environment
  • General User reports: Identify inactive users and measure mailbox growth
  • Security and compliance reports: Ensure Mailbox Retention Policy and view mailbox access permissions and users with access privileges
  • Mobile device reports: Understand mobile device usage, manage BYOD policies and identify inactive and disconnected devices
  • License reports: Access user license assignment and quickly identify users based on their license type
  • Mail traffic reports: Measure Inbound/Outbound Mail traffic on a per user basis, track size of sent and received emails, and pinpoint top senders, receivers and spam sends
  • Skype for Business Reports: See how employees are using Skype for Business with data on the number and duration of audio, video and application sharing sessions
  • Exchange Online reports: Show up to date and historical information about your organization’s mailboxes and email objects
  • SharePoint Online Reports: Reduce risk of sensitive information, enhance security, monitor storage, manage administration and audit SharePoint online permissions.
  • Service Status reports: View current issues or planned maintenance on Office 365 that may affect your services
  • Office 365 Clutter Report: See which of your users have Clutter enabled or disabled.
  • Customizable and searchable reports: All reports can be customized, filtered and exported to get exactly the required data to the people who need it
  • SharePoint and OneDrive Reports: Get insight and analytics into how people in your organization are using your SharePoint Online and OneDrive services.
  • Manage SharePoint Online Administration: Review site collection administrators and report across your SharePoint Online environment in a single view
  • Manage Sharepoint Online site collection: Track how your SharePoint Online Site Collections are performing 
  • Permissions and Group Permissions: Reduce risk of sensitive information in your SharePoint Online environment being available to people it shouldn't by reviewing permissions and group memberships
  • Monitor Storage: Monitor your organization's SharePoint Online storage consumption quickly and efficiently to prevent runaway costs
  • OneDrive Usage Reports: Get your top OneDrive users by number of items, detect the number of inactive users and pinpoint storage quotas
  • Two factor authentication that allows you to prevent unauthorized access to you reports
  • User management: IT Administrators can set up users to have access to only seeing a small subset of reports so your users have all needed information
  • Single Sign-on: Available through Windows Azure Active Directory, allowing users to log in the system using Office 365 username and password