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 Read the testimonies of the experiences of GSX customers. Find out how enterprise organizations, just like yours, are using GSX to monitor, measure and manage all their collaboration environments. Take a look at our GSX Customer Case Studies

Bayer GSX Customer


Bayer runs hundreds of Domino servers all across the globe. It is critical that these servers remain up and running, but just keeping track of them all is a big job. The monitoring product we used previously, would cause our Domino servers to crash or at times would not notify us when a Domino server was down. A piece had to be installed on each Domino server to allow it to work. Read More

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Price Waterhouse Coopers

PwC firms worldwide provide industry-focused assurance, tax, and advisory services to enhance value for their clients. More than 163,000 people in 151 countries in firms across the PwC network share their thinking, experience, and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice. One of the key challenges for the support team is ensuring that data is replicated to remote sites in a timely manner to facilitate the business. If replication fails, or exceeds agreed timescales, consultants cannot access the latest information when they need it, and the quality of service provided to clients is compromised. Read More



It is difficult for Capgemini to quantify the actual savings provided by GSX Monitor; it allows Eric’s team to identify a problem and fix it much faster and more efficiently, even when people are on duty. Before deploying Monitor, it would take a considerable amount of time for an engineer to go through the logs of all servers to identify the root of a problem. Capgemini now completely relies on GSX Monitor and Analyzer to provide them within the 3 first open days of each month with vital information they could not easily get without the tool before. In addition, they can now identify and correct problems before they start really affecting users. Read More


Hansgrohe AG

After seeing GSX Monitor in action for the first time, Hansgrohe’s IT staff knew instantly that it could save a considerable amount of time and resources previously devoted to manual administration. GSX Monitor provides a variety of functions and presents a complete overview of all Domino, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Sametime servers in use at the same time. Read More


Kement Electronics

Several things drew us to GSX. Number one, and primarily, the first class support we received from them, even before the sale. GSX was committed to helping us make all the things we needed work and, in many cases, make them work better then we had imagined. Secondly, GSX offered us many things we did not expect, such as the ability to monitor separate servers with different schedules and parameters. This has been a wonderful addition to our server monitoring. Another example is how GSX Monitor scans each server's log file to check for keywords. This has allowed us to find many problems that we didn't even know were happening. Read More


Shepherd Center

“As the Domino server administrator, GSX Monitor has helped ease my workload by automating many of the admin tasks for preventive maintenance and server monitoring,” Adam says. “I also have it set up so that any IT staff member call pull up the remote monitor when they need to know at a glance how the environment is running.” - Adam Abell, Seniro Systems Programmer. Read More 



We have purchased the GSX Monitor recently and wanted to express our satisfaction with this product. Equant has used what their competition is offering and always had major issues with server based installs causing outages. GSX has all the functionality and does NOT require anything to be running on the server to allow the product to do its job. Our success story with GSX has many more chapters to be written but our first few are very promising. All of their staff, ranging from their administrative people, sales professionals and technical specialists… has been a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, promptly return phone calls and deliver what they promise. Their enthusiasm for their products comes through everyone we have dealt with. Our customers are all of the Equant employees relying on Lotus Notes for their messaging and groupware needs. Read More


Swiss Re

We are using GSX Monitor since the product came on the market. A very big advantage is the approach not to use any software component on the server. In our network with about 100 servers in 40 locations all over the globe any server change requires complex logistics and resources. Monitor is acting as a smart Notes client programmed to monitor the network. A minor or major Notes server upgrade is no headache. Planning is simple because there is no depency between monitoring product and code version on the server. Implementation therefore is fast too.Read More


BEIT Systemhaus GmbH

GSX Server Guard has run without problems in our Domino 6.5 environment from the beginning. The tool has greatly helped us to save resources and reduce overall mail administration costs.” says Günter. “Now our Domino servers are running 24/7 without any downtime. Hence our customers are pleased which results in a better resource allocation towards more value-adding tasks”. Last but not least, “it was important for us to work with a partner like GSX that provided the necessary support to ensure a smooth deployment of their tool. Read More


BNP Paribas

By combining the end-to-end monitoring of its email system provided by GSX Monitoring withthe superior reliability of the BlackBerry solution, BP2I is able to ensure business-hour availability of mobile email well above the 95% minimum level stipulated in the SLA. Rachedi says that the business-hours availability of their BlackBerry solution is regularly over 99%, despite the fact that "we don't control all the networks used by BlackBerry email. Read More


Sika AG

"GSX Monitor is very helpful. It allows us to know whether everything is running smoothly or whether something is starting to go wrong. We’ve set it up to automatically send alerts to me and my colleagues, allowing us to quickly address anything that happens before it becomes a more complex problem. Thanks to GSX Monitor, we are fully aware of everything that happens in our entire messaging environment, and we can also quickly deliver comprehensive and actionable analysis and statistics to our management team.”- THomas Trauernicht, Systems Manager Read More



The SGS Group is the world's largest verification, testing and certification organisation. With more than 30,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 850 offices and subsidiaries and 330 laboratories in 140 countries. Our Notes infrastructure enables the distribution of critical information across our global organisation. The IT Operations group is committed to deliver a 24/7 first class service to the business. This objective is achieved thanks to the combination of the valuable IT staff involved in the operations and the monitoring tool GSX Monitor.Read More


Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest, a global organization, has been able to monitor, provide maintenance for, and ensure overall functionality of all Lotus Notes servers. Reader's Digest has implemented a solution provided by GSX which is a combination of two of their products, GSX Monitor and GSX Server Guard. This Administration suite includes many useful features like long-term consolidated statistics, servers condition screen, alerts, periodic reports, Mail Routing and Replication monitoring, graphs, remote access thru browser, Presentations for Managers, Server ID protection, automated maintenance, tasks monitoring, and server crash/freeze recovery actions.Read More 


Yorkshire Water Services

We had written our own Server Monitor - an agent which polled all our servers and reported if it did not get a response. Monitor does a lot more. After evaluating several other products, we decided to use GSX Monitor for its fair price and its functionalities that were matching our requirements. GSX Monitor is a "set it and forget it" application. It can be left to quietly monitor your servers and report when things start to go wrong. After the fairly easy initial setup I hardly need to touch it. It's just a matter of adjusting for any new features that arrive with a new release.



"I have worked at some of the world's largest Domino infrastructure's and I have seen a lot of monitoring tools deployed and none compare to the features, functionality and price of GSX. They are the only practical choice to accurately monitoring the health of your Domino, Sametime and Blackberry infrastructure."-Jason Collier Messaging Engineering, IntegrationMessaging Services Wachovia.


AScom AG

We are directly responsible for 25 domino servers. On top of that, we have to monitor additional 30 servers for ensuring our Service Level Agreements. With GSX Monitor, we have an easy working tool which fulfills most of our needs regarding alerts and statistics. A goody is, that we didn't have to install anything on the servers. Adding GSX Server Guard on our servers saved a lot of "walking" and limits downtimes of the servers. Thanks to its scheduled maintainance features.


Element K

Using GSX Monitor allows me to know about a problem before my users.


Codetel GTE

I have 35 Notes Servers in my network, and GSX Monitor and GSX Server Guard have allowed me administer efficiently those servers and control the maintenance on my servers. Keeps my administrators in touch with all the downtimes, mail routing and errors in the Notes Network. Not counting that the sotwares installation and use is extremely easy and fast, and the interface is really neat.. Great job guys!!



I am extremely happy with GSX Monitor. I do not use all the numerous options, but it gives me a total overview on the " Royal situation". I have the Web-interface on my office screen all the time, which is just what I need.



I have been away from the product since the end of 2004. The upgrades you have made are wonderful, it was snap to install and the configuration is just as easy. Wonderful improvements.

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Aarhus Municipality

We at Aarhus municipality have used GSX Monitor for a year. We are very pleased with the monitoring features. Until now we have used it for monitoring 6 servers and then have now decided to use it for all our Domino servers. Our service desk is happy to have a quick overview in the web enabled version.


Contra Costa County, California

Adding the GSX Group Calendar has really enhanced the utility of our Lotus Notes/Domino Server setup. Now staff can readily see where people are on a given day. The Group Calendar is easy to use and provides several different views to meet a variety of needs. GSX Group Calendar is an essential part of our office computer network.


Discovery Communications Inc.

The day I installed the GSX Monitor demo, one of our hub servers showed 600+ pending emails. Knowing that wasn't right, I looked into it, and found that it was all mail destined for our UK office (they were moving into a new building last week). Because of an IP address change, email was not routing. Got it fixed in no time, thanks to your monitoring software! Tom Harrison, Notes Engineer, Discovery Communications, Inc.



I would like to thank you for the nice and easy of use software (GSX Monitor) to observe Lotus Notes servers. I was surprised how easy it can be comparing to xxxxx (removed by WebMaster) and it provides all the information I need to know.




Everything works perfect as USUAL with GSX!!

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