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GSX Solutions for boosting Service Providers' revenue at MSPWorld

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GSX Solutions had the opportunity to attend MSPWorld this past week at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in sunny Las Vegas. MSPWorld is the oldest Managed Service Provider event in the IT Channel, which was created, directed and delivered by MSPs for the purposes of providing the best of breed content to their peers. This was the first time that GSX Solutions sponsored MSPWorld and certainly will not be the last! Managed Service Providers have been utilizing GSX Monitor & Analyzer to deliver the highest level of service to their customers for over 15 years. As our partner channel continues to evolve and we are working with more and more MSPs, this was a great opportunity to meet with existing partners while also showcasing the new functionality in our solution that was developed with Service Providers in mind.

Friday Podcast - Stuck with Lync Performance Issues? Tips to manage them

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The growth and popularity of Microsoft Lync has strongly increased in all types of industries due to the rising number of remote co-workers. 

Why MSPs should adopt GSX Robot User to boost their revenue?

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This week I will have the pleasure to attend one of my favorite events, the MSP World. Of course it is not the biggest event in the USA.The organizer did not book an entire attraction park or hotel for the attendees as Microsoft usually does for its major conferences. Nevertheless, it is one of the most interesting conferences for GSX Solutions to attend with our MSP’s community and develop new ways to drive customer’s satisfaction while doing profitable business.

Friday Podcast - Ease your Exchange Online Environment’s Management with GSX Solutions

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Utilizing the Cloud can position your IT department as a strategic services broker, by leveraging the cloud, which also lowers the bottom line substantially for the entire company.

Best practices: Track usage of Lync Online with PowerShell and REST Web Services

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Lync Online was released in 2010. Since end of 2013 you can access nice reports in the interface. However they are a little bit limited and not very flexible. Here is the list of reports you can find in UI: 

Microsoft Partners are walking hand in hand at ‘Mini WPC’ #DPK2014

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I arrived in Mannheim for the first time to attend the Microsoft partner’s event in Germany this week, DPK 2014.

Why does monitoring Office 365 matter?


As Microsoft stipulates, Office 365 is a familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tool delivered through the cloud. Everyone can easily work together by accessing his or her email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars from anywhere.

Exchange Migration: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

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Microsoft Exchange migrations can be complex affairs and it pays to have the right combination of tools to help assure the success of these critical endeavours. The new technology and sales partnership of GSX Solutions with Exchange migration experts Priasoft improves the troubleshooting quality of service issues before, during and after complex migrations.

New outstanding BlackBerry Passport device

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BlackBerry hosted last week three simultaneous meetings to introduce their latest phone, the Passport. I was lucky to be among the privileged that were invited and wanted to share my feelings on this event and on the new device.
After a few days of use, I have grown really found of the phone. The enhanced width makes reading far easier than “normal” shaped phones. I installed on it my subscription to the Economist and found reading on it natural and easy. The phone is now running the 10.3 version of their OS which among others give user access to two application catalogues: the Blackberry world and the Amazon apps marketplace. Installing apps and managing is easy and intuitive.

BlackBerry’s classic keyboard benefits from a few enhancements. It offers predictive typing and most important, it acts as a PC Trackpad. After a few tentative tries, usage becomes natural and intuitive. Like many in the Tech World, I did not read any documentation and felt I did not needed one.

Manage your customers remotely and offer custom managed services


Our industry is continuously evolving; this is why it is essential for us to follow the trend and act accordingly. Every new event or discussion represents a valuable resource for ideas and propositions when it comes to packaging new services into our solutions to better serve our customer’s needs.

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