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Why does monitoring Office 365 matter?


As Microsoft stipulates, Office 365 is a familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tool delivered through the cloud. Everyone can easily work together by accessing his or her email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars from anywhere.

Exchange Migration: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

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Microsoft Exchange migrations can be complex affairs and it pays to have the right combination of tools to help assure the success of these critical endeavours. The new technology and sales partnership of GSX Solutions with Exchange migration experts Priasoft improves the troubleshooting quality of service issues before, during and after complex migrations.

New outstanding BlackBerry Passport device

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BlackBerry hosted last week three simultaneous meetings to introduce their latest phone, the Passport. I was lucky to be among the privileged that were invited and wanted to share my feelings on this event and on the new device.
After a few days of use, I have grown really found of the phone. The enhanced width makes reading far easier than “normal” shaped phones. I installed on it my subscription to the Economist and found reading on it natural and easy. The phone is now running the 10.3 version of their OS which among others give user access to two application catalogues: the Blackberry world and the Amazon apps marketplace. Installing apps and managing is easy and intuitive.

BlackBerry’s classic keyboard benefits from a few enhancements. It offers predictive typing and most important, it acts as a PC Trackpad. After a few tentative tries, usage becomes natural and intuitive. Like many in the Tech World, I did not read any documentation and felt I did not needed one.

Manage your customers remotely and offer custom managed services


Our industry is continuously evolving; this is why it is essential for us to follow the trend and act accordingly. Every new event or discussion represents a valuable resource for ideas and propositions when it comes to packaging new services into our solutions to better serve our customer’s needs.

Microsoft Lync- GSX Solutions Showcase Video

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Microsoft Lync is a connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible anytime and from anywhere.

SharePoint is at the crossroads - 3 days at SPTechCon Boston

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Last week Thursday & Friday GSX had the pleasure of attending another SharePoint Technology Conference here in Boston with our Alliance partner Intlock. This was the event’s 6th East Coast version of SPTechCon that included more than 400 attendees and 50+ vendors. The event felt a bit different for us this year as our US office is located just .7 miles down the street from the exhibit hall here in Boston! It is always a pleasure networking with other local attendees, partners and exhibitors from the local area and of course making recommendations to visitors of where to eat, drink and relax in our great city.

Top 3 Lync Issues: How to monitor and troubleshoot them?

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Released almost two years ago, the adoption of Lync 2013 is growing among companies. Although the numerous improvements that Microsoft has delivered throughout the years, it is still very challenging for administrators to ensure a good quality of service for Lync, especially for Audio/Video calls.

Drive User adoption and boost ROI of SharePoint

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SharePoint's rapid adoption in the business community has created additional challenges for companies especially within the IT department. Since 2007, Microsoft has done an incredible research work to understand administrators’ main challenges regarding opportunities and threats when managing a collaboration environment successfully.

How about monitoring Lync?

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As a matter of facts, Microsoft Lync is becoming more and more critical in large organizations. What used to be a nice tool for sending and receiving Instant Messages  within  an  organization  has  now  become a  key  part  of the communication infrastructure for more and more companies.

Monitoring and Ramping up Office 365 usage


At the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), speakers revealed the latest Office 365 metrics. Office 365 now presents an annual revenue run rate of $2.5 billion for Microsoft. Sixty percent of all Fortune 500 companies purchased Office 365 in the last 12 months and more than three out of four Office 365 customers are deployed by partners.

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