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GSX summer reading: the top 10 resources around Office 365
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Summer is the period of the year where you actually take the time to sit down, relax and enjoy a decent book, isn’t it? The same question always comes back to your mind “which books should I read?”

“When we work together, we do more.” – WPC 2014 Keynote #3

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“When we work together, we do more.” That was the slogan of day 3 at the Worldwide Partner Conference here in Washington, D.C.

Phil Sorgen opened the talk by presenting four pillars he believes in when it comes to supporting Microsoft Partners:


WPC 2014 Showcases Premier Cloud Technology

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C., and I can honestly say that I was far from disappointed.

The first day alone was filled with exciting speakers who boasted this idea of a “Mobile First, Cloud First World” the new MOJO of Satya Nadella. While several incredibly well-informed and enthralling speakers were featured, one that mainly stood out was Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft.

He, just like the former keynotes, emphatically recounted this idea of a Mobile First and Cloud First World … but he was different.

Maximize your business exposure at WPC 2014 by enhancing your Social Engagement

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The Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 being close, the GSX Solutions team's Partner Account Managers are fully booked when it comes to meetings with our valuable partners. This year is the 2nd time we attend WPC and Microsoft has selected us as one of the 15 most active Microsoft Partners among the entire Microsoft community. GSX Solutions was solicited to participate to the Social Squad.

Everything you need to know before WPC 2014!

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The countdown has already started as we are 4 days before THE most important Microsoft show dedicated to partners. All Microsoft Partners must be wondering, "What's going on in WPC this year?" Well, let me tell you everything about it!

5 key Questions IT admin need to know when Migrating to the Office 365

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More and more enterprises are considering making the move to migrate to the cloud. The decision is one that will eventually come for most enterprises. The migration itself requires a lot of planning and preparation. This week we had the chance to sit down with Olivier Raynaut, the lead US Microsoft Specialist for GSX in the US to get his insights on the migration to the cloud, and the common questions customers have.

A Sneak Peek of GSX Monitor & Analyzer


Watch this video for impressions of GSX Monitor and Analyzer, the only agentless solution able to manage and report on-premises and online infrastructures with the end-user perspective.

In 2 min you can get a taste of GSX business value by checking out this new video.

PowerShell v5 and Tips & Tricks from the experts

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Once again it was with great pleasure that I have attended to some session presented by Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones, two of my favorite PowerShell influencers. The room was packed with IT Pros and developers, ready to hear the latest announcements about PowerShell along with some tips and tricks from these two experts.

Spotlight on Horus Technology Solutions, a premier GSX Partner


Being in business since 2004 and reliantly serving the Washington, DC market, HORUS Technology Solutions, Inc. is an enterprise solutions provider, with mastery of both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. They are a government focused Systems Integrator that builds solutions for government agencies. HORUS also works in the commercial space, but the majority of their customers are government entities like, The U.S Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. As a well-established partner of GSX Solutions, HORUS specializes in engineering collaboration and office automation solutions for the enterprise based on Microsoft SharePoint, Java, Enterprise Search, Big Data and many others.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Messaging in the Cloud

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If you’ve worked in IT anytime over the past five years, you’ve most likely considered moving your IT applications to the Cloud, if you haven’t already migrated part or all of your infrastructure. Whether it's pressure from the C-level to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), the increasing complexity of managing virtualized environments, or the demand from end users to be able to access applications and data from anywhere, the transition to the Cloud is happening - for good reason. Some IT administrators still fear that outsourcing critical messaging and collaboration platforms to the Cloud could put their jobs at stake, but the move is just changing the role of the administrator to that of an internal service provider. By leveraging the Cloud, you can position your IT department as a strategic services broker or manager that can lower the bottom line substantially for the entire organization.

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