End user experience monitoring


Get Deeper Insights Into The End-User Experience

Availability is very important to manage. However, Quality of Service (QoS) is the central point to end-user satisfaction when using IT resources. 

At the core of GSX's mission is the end-user experience monitoring. GSX provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure all business-critical applications are performing the way they should at all times, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery.

    GSX Monitor is the core product, and the central configuration console.
    GSX Gizmo is a web-based dashboard that provides real time graphs to troubleshoot all applications and services within the IT platform.
    GSX Robot Users are nimble and agile mini engines that can be deployed in multiple locations to run scans and report back to the GSX Gizmo web interface from around the world. They constantly check application performance, simulate end-user scenarios, and diagnose network latency.

Ensure exceptional user satisfaction within complex on-premises, hybrid, and cloud scenarios

For more than 20 years, GSX Solutions has been the leading provider of monitoring solutions for messaging, collaboration, and mobility applications. GSX provides IT teams with deep insights into the user experience when using Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Blackberry UEM and IBM applications.

Because Office 365 deployment always relies on on-premises networks and equipment, GSX is the only company to measure and analyze the impact of your hybrid infrastructure on the service delivery to your critical users.

We want to provide the market with a global platform that tracks and troubleshoots the performance of components that really matter in your infrastructure. That includes any latency, network, Operating System, security appliance, MDM solution, database, or infrastructure issues that impact service delivery.


Maximize End-User Experience For All Your Applications 

 windowsserver-picto-1.png linux-pictoNB.png HyperV
SQL  DB2  Oracle 

ironPort-picto.png Proofpoint
Office.png exchange-picto.png skypeForBusiness.png sharepoint-picto.png        Network Latency
blackberry-picto.png traveler-picto.png ActivSync airwatch-picto.png                OneDrive sametime-picto.png domino-picto.png  IBM Connections
Good MobileIronNB.png Microsoft Intune ActiveDirectory DirSync ADFS Azure AD Connect 


         Catch application & service problems before your users

Most performance monitoring tools only provide a bird’s-eye view of systems and servers and whether they are on or off. GSX Solutions actually measures service performance to prevent costly outages and reduce the number of help desk tickets.

Let’s define the next generation of performance monitoring by:

    Improving the end-user experience and gaining insights for proactive action. 
   ► Monitoring every appliance and server, and their network latency that impacts business critical applications. 
    Deploying fast
with the agentless Robot Users to scan all components impacting Unified Communications applications.

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