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In today’s world, employees demand around-the-clock access to their email accounts from any device. That’s why solutions like VMWare’s Airwatch are so important. But when Airwatch fails, an organization’s entire email system can falter, crushing productivity and communication.

GSX for AirWatch helps prevent AirWatch outages, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery. GSX Robot Users measure service delivered in real time, proactively identifying issues before they reach users. When an issue is detected, GSX provides all critical information to administrators to solve issues quickly and prevent outages.

GSX for AirWatch ensures overall end-user satisfaction, reducing the number of help desk tickets and keeping communication flowing for optimal productivity.  

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Key features include: 


correct-symbol (2).png  Testing end-user experience in real-time
       from multiple locations;

correct-symbol (2).png  Diagnosing network and connectivity latency;

correct-symbol (2).png  Providing monitoring for AirWatch and email
       systems such as Office 365, or any on-prem
       email servers such as Exchange or Domino;

correct-symbol (2).png  Providing a single dashboard for instant
       troubleshooting and to pinpoint email delivery

correct-symbol (2).png  Performing end-to-end ActiveSync scenarios.

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